A1 mask is back in stock

Lance Hollis   Jul 06, 2021

A Mask Diving Snorkeling Cressi

We have never seen the demand for a singular mask like this.  The new Cressi A1 FOGLESS mask is the hottest item of the year.  I can see why, too.  Everyone who has had any experience with a mask while diving or snorkeling has dealt with the same two issues: leaking and fogging.  Leaking is generally the result of hair breaking the seal or using a mask that doesn't properly fit.  However, fogging happens when dealing with humidity, air and glass and these are inevitable when diving and snorkeling.  There are hundreds of anti-fog sprays, gels, wipes, etc. on the market and they work with varying degrees of success.  We even make our own formula that works very well and doesn't sting the eyes or harm the environment.  However, Cressi has conquered the fogging issue.  And they've done it with a super stylish mask that seems to fit 90% of the population.  It's truly a benchmark breakthrough and changes what divers will demand from a mask from now on.  No more keeping up with defog.  No more dives spent fighting the creeping fog.  It's a new ballgame and major props to Cressi for bringing us the A1 mask.  And Cressi, if you're listening, we want more color options, please.  The single drawback to the A1 is the limited styles available.  It does offer a standard clear lens as well as a yellow lens for more contrast.  However, the colors are limited to graphite/black, blue/black, pink/black and white.  Bring on the colors!  We look forward to what Cressi will do with this new lens technology eagerly.  Until then, we LOVE the A1 and will do our best to keep them in stock.