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2600 Lum Dual-Beam Light - Wide/Narrow Beam


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Part Number:VTL2600P-GBK Manufacturer: BIGBLUE DIVE LIGHTS Model: VTL2600P-GBK Color: BLACK

Our customers love the VTL series for its flexibility—in the same dive you can shoot video with the wide beam and get a great penetrating narrow beam. One light, two beams. Now comes in three color choices.

  • 2600 Lumens of 120° extra wide beam
  • 1000 Lumens of 10° narrow beam
  • 100 Lumen red light mode for staging your photos/videos
  • The rechargeable Li-ion 32650 battery gives you 1.5 hours on the highest setting
  • Comes with a Bigblue dry bag
  • United States customer service from our office in Clearwater, FL

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