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Wrapture Harness System (patent pending)

This feature sees patented swivel shoulder buckles and a proprietary ultra-thin back plate working together to provide unparalleled comfort and stability. The Wrapture system was designed to stop the BCD from riding up when floating on the surface and to keep the tank close to the diver's center of gravity, effectively transferring the weight of the tank to the hips. This results to a being able to stand straight with a perfectly vertical tank behind you.

SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System (patented)

The Axiom features integrated weights and keeps them locked in with the SureLock II. This system is the epitome of simplicity and its weight pouches just slide and click securely into place. SureLock II also adds an extra layer of safety to your dive by allowing you to quickly ditch your weights in an emergency with a single pull.

GripLock Tank Band

The GripLock Tank Band takes the rocket science out of attaching your cylinder to your BCD. It features easy to use, pre determined macro settings that eliminates the guess work from mounting commonly sized tanks. The GripLock system also features micro adjustment options that let you fine tune the band's grip for an even more secure fit. A safety feature is also in place to keep your fingers from getting caught in the buckle when locking in the tank.


The Axiom takes its place as one of the most streamlined jacket type BCDs in the market. It makes use of a super streamlined bladder that lends itself to creating very low drag and its flat, one-way e-valves effectively keep water out of the bladder while contributing the Axiom's streamlining. A bladder retraction system is also employed to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflation to help maintain its low profile.

Functionality and Safety

The Axiom showcases a number of smart features that ultimately contribute to the safety and enjoyment of every dive. It sports a right shoulder pull dump, an adjustable chest strap, fixed weight pockets at the back to help maintain proper attitude and a pocket that keeps your octopus out of the sand while still leaving it clearly visible.

Other Features

The Axiom features large, zippered utility pockets on either side, easy access knife attachment points that work with many Aqua Lung knives and five stainless and one plastic D ring.

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