Everflex Stmr B-Zip 5/4mm Mens

Everflex Stmr B-Zip 5/4mm Mens


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Part Number:63.484.220 Manufacturer: ScubaPro Color: BLACK, WHITE Size: Small Tall

Scubapro's advanced, extra-comfortable EverFlex line has been stylishly redesigned to give you even better fit and freedom. Many of the same tested features are included, but EverFlex neoprene steamers are now in a pre-formed dimensional shape so it fits and moves more naturally with your body and delivers unparalleled comfort, stretch and flexibility. Scubapro has also added heliospan lining in the torso area of the steamers, for added protection and insulation. EverFlex provides excellent fit for a wide range of people. If you are tired of the struggle to get into your suit, EverFlex is for you. This Scuba Pro 100% EverFlex 7/5mm Steamer is for temperate water dives. Glued then double-blind stitched outer seams and single-blind stitched inner seams mean virtually water-tight seams overall, for extra durability and comfort. The Steamer is also equipped with a compression-molded combination zipper flap/spine pad to reduce water entry and improve back protection. The anatomically preformed pattern design feels like a second skin.

Built-to-last with Power Tex abrasion resistant shoulders and seat along with durable TATEX kneepads a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) that is applied without glue or stitching. Suit has safe-straps on both arms for a securing of wrist instruments such as dive computers, depth gauges or compass. The easy self donning and doffing suit has a back zipper with a durable metal zipper slider, pull tab leash, nylon webbing thumb loop at base of zipper and ankle zippers with Glide-Skin seals. 

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