• BONAIRE - SEPT 3rd - 10/11th

BONAIRE - SEPT 3rd - 10/11th

BONAIRE - SEPT 3rd - 10/11th

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Join us as Seal Sports is headed off to the amazing island of Bonaire - widely known as "Diver's Paradise."  Bonaire, known to have the most bio-diverse reefs in the Caribbean, is home to an amazing variety of protected reefs.  Sea Turtles, Frogfish, Manta Rays, Moray Eels, and a whole host of beautify colored reef fish are ever present in the tropical waters of Bonaire.  Dive sites from the extreme ease of Cha Cha Cha Beach all the way to the challenging "wild side," dive sites numbering near a hundred await to be explored.  In addition to the shore accessible dive sites along the coast of the main island, there are another host of sites at Klein Bonaire, the barrier island that is the natural protector of the reefs of Bonaire.  Klein, as it's known, is only a short boat ride away and is home to many aquaculture farms that are helping to reproliferate corals, such as the Staghorn and Elkhorn, across Caribbean waters and adds another score plus of dive sites to be encountered.

Once your day of diving is complete, experience the culinary delight of Bonaire.  Having a wide blend of European influence, Dutch by ownership, South American by proximity and with some added American influence as well, the restaurants that Bonaire can boast are quite amazing.  From seafood to steak to pizza and burgers, it can be found on Bonaire done with an infusion of international flare.  Then cap the night off with a stop at one of Bonaire’s gelato shops for a sweet treat or a coffee.

If there was a Mecca for diver’s, Bonaire would be it.  Come along for the unique experience that is Bonaire, meet some new dive buddies and experience a dive vacation that will be the standard by which all others will be measured.

The Details:

7 Nights with 6 Days of 2-tank Boat Dives

1 Day 1 Tank Afternoon Boat Dive (11 Total Boat Dives)

Unlimited Shore Dives / Tanks

Breakfast Each Day

Not Included:


Resort Taxes - 19%

Marine Park Tag: $45 / Diver, $25 / Snorkeler - Cash Required


Nitrox - $100 / week unlimited

Rental Vehicle

Lunch and Dinner

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