HydroFlex 3mm Jumpsuit Men's

HydroFlex 3mm Jumpsuit Men's


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Part Number:SU353122 Manufacturer: Aqua-Lung Color: Blue Plaid Size: Medium

The HydroFlex 3mm jumpsuit keeps you looking sharp with Aqua Lung fashion-forward, colorful plaid and tweed designs. The super-stretch neoprene makes donning and doffing a snap and with flatlock stitching and a back-zipper water shield, you'll enjoy style, comfort and warmth on every dive. Suit is made from 3mm super-stretch neoprene, has hook and loop adjustable neck, and a heavy duty #10 back zipper with pull tab leash. Back zipper equipped with a water shield for added warmth. All seams are flatlock stitch for comfort. The screened rubber knee pads are durable and comfortable. Skin out chest for wind resistance.

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