lavacore Long Sleeve Shirt, Female

lavacore Long Sleeve Shirt, Female


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Part Number:873.3627.06 Manufacturer: LAVACORE Color: BLACK, GRAY Size: 6


- Neutrally Buoyant
- UPF 50+
- DWF - Durable Water Repellent
- Hypo-allergenic
- Thumb Loop
- Extended Material on Back to Eliminate Riding Up
- Super Comfortable 4-way Stretch
lavacore Long Sleeve Shirt, Female

Available in Size XXS, 8, 18, 3XL


- OUTER LAYER: Flexible, durable and water repellant outer layer facilitates fast water run-off and quick drying. UPF 50+

- MIDDLE LAYER: Windproof and breathable middle membrane provides anti-wind chill properties, draws moisture away from the body on the surface and ensures warmth in cold conditions.

- INNER LAYER: Warm, moisture wicking and anti-bacterial inner fleece layer minimizes odor and keeps you warm above and below the surface.

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