Switch Mask Bag

Switch Mask Bag

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Part Number:BG740 Manufacturer: XS SCUBA, INC Color: BLACK, N/A Size: N/A

Switch Mask Bag

XS Scuba Switch Mask Bag

The XS Scuba Switch Mask is the most innovative and unique mask to come along in years!

Never before has the diver had a selection of functional lens filters along with the opportunity to add and change them in the water. Having a way to properly protect your investment and keep it all together in one organized Mask Bag is what the XS Scuba Switch Mask Bag is all about. The XS Scuba Mask Bag is designed exclusively for the Switch Mask and the Switch Mask Lens Filters. Bag is made from a durable nylon fabric with a plush interior lining. The Mask Bag is fully padded for added protection and uses a nylon #5 coil zipper. The coil zipper was chosen because it is self-repairing, easy to navigate around corners and corrosion resistant. Bag has individual padded slots for organization of lens filters.


  • Specifically Designed for XS Scuba Switch Mask
  • Organizes Switch Mask Lens Filters
  • Properly Protect Your Investment
  • Durable Nylon Fabric with Plush Interior Lining
  • Fully Padded for Added Protection
  • Nylon #5 Coil Zipper
  • Nylon Coil Zippers
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Individual Padded Slots for Protection/Organization of Lens Filters

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