Tidal Roll-Up Snorkel - Pink

Tidal Roll-Up Snorkel - Pink


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Part Number:TFSPINK Manufacturer: Tidal Sports Color: PINK

The perfect travel snorkel! 

  • Sturdy silicone material - can withstand snorkeling in rough seas 
  • Simple wet snorkel design for flexibility and durability
  • Lightweight and streamlined design for less drag in the water
  • Quickly rolls up for easy traveling or storage - can fit in the pocket of a BCD
  • Great for freediving, scuba diving, and snorkeling
  • Soft silicone mouthpiece won't cause jaw fatigue
  • Silicone snorkel keeper included to secure it to your mask - compatible with any snorkel/dive mask
  • Storage Shell included


The Tidal Roll-Up Snorkel is a perfect snorkel option for anyone who is freediving, scuba diving, and snorkeling. If you're new to snorkeling, however, we recommend our Tidal Dry Snorkel so no water will enter the breathing tube. 

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