Bonaire Mesh Backpack

Bonaire Mesh Backpack


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The Bonaire Mesh Backpack is a larger version of the Panama Backpack, offering 15% more room—so you can pack it all. In fact, the full-length side-zip accessed main compartment is spacious enough for a complete cold-water dive kit.

In addition to the front pocket which packs smaller items, the Bonaire also features a patented dry compartment built in for a towel, phone or whatever dry-stow items you have on-hand. Plus, a sturdy and durable PVC bottom endures the abuse of getting tossed around dive boats, truck beds, or wherever your mission might take you. Big, breathable and rugged, the Bonaire is the perfect companion for all of your outdoor amphibious adventures.

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  • Sean K. Dubya

    Aug 01, 2021

    Great warranty great product

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