Molokini Regulator Bag, Red

Molokini Regulator Bag, Red


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Molokini Regulator Bag


The Stahlsac Molokini Regulator Bag is a multi-functional regulator/computer carry-on bag that’s designed to supplement your overall dive kit. It features a roomy main compartment capable of accommodating a regulator setup, a 16″ laptop sleeve and a neoprene dive computer/console holder, as well as additional zippered accessory pockets for stashing valuables. An external pocket stows travel necessities like your passport, wallet and dive log book, and an external sleeve enables the bag to slide over the handle of any wheeled-bag handle system, allowing for secure travel through busy airports.


  • Accommodates a full regulator set up
  • Includes a laptop sleeve for a 16″ computer screen
  • Neoprene holder for dive computer/console
  • External pocket for travel necessities

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