Tidal Mask Single Lens - Black

Tidal Mask Single Lens - Black


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Part Number:TM3BLACKBCK Manufacturer: Tidal Sports Model: TM3 Color: BLACK, BLACK




The Tidal Mask with Advanced Anti-Fog Technology comes treated with a proprietary hydrophilic technology which prevents fogging in any circumstance. No need to burn or pretreat your lens, you can now enjoy fog-free snorkeling and scuba diving with no extra work.


Our premium anti-fog films will keep your dive mask fog free for 1 - 6+ months depending on frequency of use and properly cleaning your mask after every use.


You can expect unparalleled comfort and an extra wide-angle view underwater due to its two-window low-volume design, tempered glass lens, and two-way adjustable head strap. 


Designed to fit the vast majority of face shapes and sizes.


Advanced Anti-Fog Films

Our advanced anti-fog films are adhered to the inside lens. This magic film eliminates fogging by preventing small water droplets from forming on the lens. The anti-fog films will work perfectly for months, and they're easily replaceable.


Anti-Fog Spray & Travel Case

Equipped with a secure travel case and additional anti-fog spray, you can confidently travel with your fog free Tidal Mask. Our anti-fog film technology can be prolonged and restored when paired with our anti-fog spray.


2-Yr Manufacturer Warranty

?We provide an extensive 2-year product warranty on all of our Tidal Sports products. Designed to fit 90% of face sizes; we offer free returns for USA customers if your Tidal Mask does not fit as expected.

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