We at Seal Sports work extremely hard to bring our customers the best equipment available.  We vet everything we offer and refuse to carry substandard or problematic equipment.  While we stand behind everything we sell and maintain a very close relationship with all our vendors when it comes to warranty and quality control, we will remove items from our offerings if they prove to be inferior or have a track record of quality issues.

However, on the flip side, we often find equipment and products that capture our attention for a far better reason.  These are the items that prove to be exceptional in quality and performance and occasionally, an exceptional product will be awarded our ‘Seal of Approval.’  When you see our Seal of Approval attached to an item, you can rest assured that we ourselves, as SCUBA divers first and foremost, have used this equipment and found it to be the best of the best, earning top marks for quality and performance across the board.